ScreenFace - for UBUNTU 7.04 / UBUNTU 7.10

Sorry, but I have started putting my interest into business and earning money as of now. So unless I have time and motivation to work, the work is suspended yet of now.

Just some update so that you would know, ScreenFace 1.4 was going to be based on perl for easy deployment across all linux platforms.
It was still in development when I decided to stop working on it.
So currently 1.4 development is suspended.

If you liked ScreenFace please email me at:
Any word of appreciation will work as encouragement for me to make ScreenFace better


[Screenshot (ver 1.1)]    [Screenshot (ver 1.4 currently under development)]

Available Packages:

ScreenFace-1.0        ScreenFace-1.1        ScreenFace-1.2           ScreenFace-1.3


* Download a version
* Extract it using
        $ tar xvzf ScreenFace-x.x.tar.gz
    Here x.x is the version
* Change to ScreenFace directory
        $ cd ScreenFace-x.x
* And do the following
        $ chmod +x ./
        $ sudo ./
* After installation type ScreenFace to run the program
        $ ScreenFace

(only from ver 1.4) -- currently 1.4 development is suspended

Upgrade keeps your Menus and Apps as it is
It just brings you new features in ScreenFace
Without altering your previous modifications

Upgrade ScreenFace if already a fresh install has been done before

        $ chmod +x ./
        $ sudo ./


    ScreenFace uses GNU Screen. For more info type man screen.($ man screen)
    So basic controls for browsing various open windows depend upon screen:

        Ctrl-A 0
        means Ctrl+A pressed first then 0 is pressed

        Ctrl-A 0 -> goto main interface
        Ctrl-A 1/2/.../9 -> goto apps running in windows 1 2 3...9
        Ctrl-A N -> goto next running app
        Ctrl-A P -> goto previous running app

For learning about other controls for all features, press H while running ScreenFace
It opens up the Help Screen, and lists controls for all features

YouTube Video  Showing ScreenFace (Warning: Poor Quality)

Sourceforge site: (Not Updated)
Launchpad site: (Not Updated)